DIY Dungeon: When Narnia was Only a Wardrobe

(What our DIY dungeon looked like before we started making magic happen.)

To truly appreciate the revelation of a transformation, every glamorous reveal needs a humbling “before” photo for contrast. Brace yourself, but here’s what the space looked like before our DIY dungeon renovation.

A lonesome leftover Valentine’s balloon & the dirty twin mattress of a dozen past subletters/houseguests. You’ve served us well, please go now.
Art by one of our many talented friends. We’re keeping the painting, designing the sort of room it deserves to be in. But fuck this mirror, it’s skewed so it makes you look squat. Gotta 86 the mean funhouse effect ASAP.

Phase I: destruction, phase II: creation, phase III: deviancy & the perfect coworking nook.

Right now we’re in the “it gets worse before it gets better” muddling through part of the process…drop cloths all over and a mess of tools shoved in the corner.

This will be us in 4 weeks…but we’re keeping our glasses on,
S + M

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