About Us

A pair of 20-something queer dreamboat dominatrixes based in Brooklyn. When we’re not at the hardware store, catch us working on our art & writing projects, on the couch watching Better Call Saul with the dungeon dog, or cruising lesbian bars flagging black silk hankies in our painters’ pants.

We have a spooky amount in common, but here’s a quick caricature comparison to tell us apart:

About S

The voluptuous hot goth gf of your dreams—picture a modern grunge NB Bettie Page…the one who drives the truck, finds the studs for anchoring, and manages our social media

Dream sub: one who shows up with a new set of tools & a high pain tolerance, so S can show off their expert technical skills

About M

Tall and titian-haired—basically an out-of-the-closet Nancy Drew…the one who paints walls, drafts content, and messages grannies on OfferUp about vintage wood furniture

Dream sub: one who compliments M’s playlist & lighting design, then swoons prettily while M whispers filthy things in their ear

Both S&M

Usually wearing boots, always adding to our to-do lists, girls next door gone witchy

Likes: our dungeon dog, iced oat milk mochas, weed

Dislikes: BDSM equipment that can’t be easily cleaned, forgetting all our tape measures at the wrong apartment, doing things in a half-assed or half-hearted way

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